Health & Fitness – The Highest Calorie Burning Exercise

Many people do sports which is very heavy with a very high exercise intensity to achieve ideal body weight. No wonder that many people nowadays are obsessed to get the ideal body weight. This occurs because of the increasing awareness of human beings to live in a healthy lifestyles. Formerly body fat is often interpreted as a healthy body, but this time with technological advances in medicine, it is known that body fat is a nest of disease. This is why more and more people are trying to achieve ideal body weight by doing a hard workout.Actually, to pursue the target weight and ideal body shape, we do not need a hard exercise, but a smart exercise. The point is that we recognize what are the different types of sports that are suitable for our needs and what are the different types of exercise that can burn calories faster. Of course, to get a maximal results.There are several types of sports that give the effect of calorie reduction is more and more quickly. But before choosing one of this sport, you also need to consult with your fitness trainer or your doctor to determine the proper exercise according to your physical condition and your needs. And most importantly, do not forget to warm up so that there’s nothing injury you get while you do a workout.That Sports, is;Run
This exercise can burn 450 calories in 30 minutes and it also can keep running our heart health. With running, the heart will be more active while simultaneously pumping blood and the lungs will also actively attract more oxygen so the heart get more oxygen supply. The downside of this track is give more movement at the bottom of the body while the upper body tends to static. To be more balanced, while jogging, mix with hand movements.Swim
Swam for half an hour can burn 360 calories. Swimming movements also provide an evenly throughout exercise movement for all of body, from the above of body until the bottom.Bicycle
This recreational sport is the easiest and most enjoyable way to burn calories. While cycling, you can burn 300-400 calories, depending on the speed of your pedal. But these sports offer less movement for the upper body exercises.Boxing
Want something different? Try this sport. For some people boxing is one of the hardest sports which is still dominated by men. Regular boxing or kickboxing can make your whole body moving. Automatically when hitting or kicking, the muscles will be trained equally for the upper body muscles and the lower body muscles. An elementary movement such as a little jumping on the boxing also plays a role in the body to burn calories. In addition, boxing also trains concentration, instincts, reflexes and speed. Half an hour boxing can burn calories by 324 calories.Tennis
Tennis is one sport that can give a lot of calorie-burning results in a relatively short time. Tennis practice session for 30 minutes can burn 250-300 calories.